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    Problem porting educ app to Mac - paths etc?

    Professor S. Level 1

      I am trying to make one of my educational applications also work on a Mac.  I generally work on a PC, but have borrowed a Mac to test my projectors. I seem to have been able to create a Mac projector that launches but I ran into a problem becuase I don't know how to hard code a Mac path.  My projector launches from a folder I created in the Applications folder called My App.  The opening screen comes up and then I need to click a continue button to go to the next movie which is on my web site.  In windows, my continue button script says something like:


      gotoNetMovie "http://mywebsite.com/login.dcr


      Then after acessing that .dcr, the program has find the next file back in the application folder on the hard drive. For windows I have an install path field that students can change with a default of  c:\Program Files\My App\

      The program then combines the contents of this field with the next program file name:


      gotoNetMovie field "path" & (nextMovie & ".dcr")


      For the Mac, I tried editing the default path to  /Applications/My App/   but the .dcr on the web site can't find the next movie on the hard drive.  I really do not understand Mac paths, so I need some help please!  If you can tell me what to type in the path field that would be great.


      I also tried downloading the Lingo manual for the Mac version of Director hoping it would show some paths and provide some insight into Mac programming but the slightly older version of the Mac Book I am using (its not a new Intel architecture) would not open the compressed file and I am totally unfamilar with these file types so I couldn't open them.


      I know I will also run into a problem with plugins and will have to test for platform and change the plugin code respectively right?


      Is there a guide somewhere for Windows developers called "Mac for Dummies?" or will I have to ask all of my dumb questions here?


      Your help is greatly appreciated!


      Professor S

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Since you are running a projector, and you can't guarantee where a user will place your Mac application, you would be much better served by creating paths based on _player.applicationPath (which at run time points to the folder on the HDD where your projector is). Either that, or set a global variable at startup that contains this path and refer to this variable when you need to navigate between movies.

          Also, although your login file resides on the internet, I don't think you need to use gotoNetMovie() as you aren't running in Shockwave. You could use

          _movie.go(1,  "http://mywebsite.com/login.dcr")

          to go to your login movie, and

          _movie.go(1, _player.applicationPath & "nextMovie") -- no extension necessary

          to go to your next movie, thus removing any need to know where anything is installed.