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    Strange pixels from slice behavior




      I created a Fireworks PNG to swap images with rollovers in a three-section navigation.  There are no problems with any of the image swaps, but when I click the first link, "About", there's a red pixel that shows up to the upper left of the word that changes to blue upon releasing the mouse button.  This is obviously an "onclick" behavior, but I didn't think that there was a way to affect this in Fireworks.  There is a slight overlap of the slices for "About" and "Blog"; I suppose that could be an issue but the overlap doesn't occur where the pixel shows up.  If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to remedy this, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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          To tell the truth it's a bit hard to figure out what the exact problem is. I have some ideas of how to use slices though, hope they help you.


          -First, a slice can't be overlapped by a slice. You can achive that by using a slice and a hotspot but not a slice and a slice. So be careful not to draw slices together , one on another, cause this will not work.

          -Also check the image you want to swap, it must have the same size with the slice you use to swap. If it doesn't, the result is paramorphosis. You won't see the image as is because it is going to be resized to fit the slice size.


          -Go to your behaviors panel (if you use CS4) and check your slice behaviors. There is a restore on mouseout option which you may wanna change.