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    Dynamic Fonts

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      We can not rotate system fonts. So we need to embed it with SWF.


      In my project I want to load fonts from database. How can I do it??


      Is it possible? Can anyone give me idea?




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          For embedding fonts from a database, you need to:

          1. Have server side code that saves the font as a file on the server

          2. Pass the url of the font file to the Flex application

          3. On the Flex end, apply the stylesheet using the new font location


                      font-family: Copacetix;

                      src: url("assets/copacetix.ttf");
                          U+0020-U+0040, /* Punctuation, Numbers */

                          U+0041-U+005A, /* Upper-Case A-Z */
                          U+005B-U+0060, /* Punctuation and Symbols */
                          U+0061-U+007A, /* Lower-Case a-z */
                          U+007B-U+007E; /* Punctuation and Symbols */


                      font-family: Copacetix;
                      font-size: 24pt;   

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