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    Would really appreciate some help!!


      Hi, I really need some help with this. It is my first Flex project. The gist of it is as follows:


      I would like to create an Adobe AIR Desktop Application that has a login window, three of them infact. So you login to the first one then second third. The Username and password will be decided and created at the coding level so there is no need to add new users. Once you've logged in a main screen comes up with approx 5 icons in a main form, and as you click on the icon it brings up another login window and you eneter credentials, after that it open a secondary form in which you can see and input data. I would like each of the ~5 icons to do all the same. Could someone help me with this please, I've had a little look around but not found much. So this is basically a password / data storage application. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give!!