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    External Class files not updating when "Delete ASO Files" executed


      I've got an external .as file in the same folder as my flash file. In the process of writing the code, whenever I make a change and then test the movie, the flash movie is obviously still looking at the OLD information. I tried using the "Delete ASO Files" on the menu, to no avail.
      I can' find these ASO files anywhere on my computer. ARE they hidden?


      Aha! I tried something else. I quit flash,restarted and ran the same script with no changes. It returned the data correctly, but then gave me this unpleasant message:

      256 levels of recursion were exceeded in one action list.
      This is probably an infinite loop.
      Further execution of actions has been disabled in this movie.

      There are no loops of any kind in the code, which is below.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.


      //This is the Person.as file:

      class Person {
      public var HomName:String = "unknown";
      public var HomEmail:String = "unknown";
      public var HomPhone:String = "unknown";
      public var HomSaveFreq:Number = 0;
      public var HomSavePeriod:String = "unknown";
      function Person(sn:String, se:String, sp:String, ss:Number, ssp:String) {
        HomName = sn;
        HomEmail = se;
        HomPhone = sp;
        HomSaveFreq = ss;
        HomSavePeriod = ssp;
      //functions for getting and setting all properties
      function get myName():String {
        return HomName;
      function get myEmail():String {
        return myEmail;
      function get myPhone():String {
        return myPhone;
      function get myHomSaveFreq():Number {
        return myHomSaveFreq;
      function get myPeriod():String {
        return myPeriod;

      function set myName(sn:String):Void {
        HomName = sn;
      function set myEmail(sn:String):Void {
        HomEmail = sn;
      function set myPhone(sn:String):Void {
        HomPhone = sn;
      function set myHomSaveFreq(sn:Number):Void {
        HomSaveFreq = sn;
      function set myPeriod(sn:String):Void {
        HomSavePeriod = sn;



      //this is the flash movie code

      var Client:Person = new Person("Terry,terry@gmail.com,323-232-3232,6,day");