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    si-robertson Level 1

      Could someone (preferably an Adobe dev) please explain to me why the stage quality in AIR cannot be set to anything other than "best" and "high".

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          Jeff Swartz Level 3

          This limitation is in place so that AIR can support multiple windows. Each window in AIR has its own display list (stage) and its own stage quality setting. There was an issue in moving Bitmap objects from one display list to another. Limiting the stage quality settings was the best fix/performance trade-off at the time. Do you know of use cases in which it would be useful to have better control over this setting?

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            si-robertson Level 1

            Thanks for such a clear and concise reply.


            Regarding the level of control over the stage quality, there are several reasons why I believe we should have full/standard control over the stage quality in AIR. First and foremost is rendering performance, any developers planning to create games or use 3D libraries such as PaperVision or Sandy etc are going to be hit hard by a rendering bottleneck if the stage quality cannot be set to "low" or "medium". As far as application GUIs are concerned, if a GUI consists mostly of bitmap images (i.e. it doesn't use many vectors) then there is no real reason to use a stage quality of "high" or "best". Developers should be allowed to decide how to balance aliasing/performance in their applications, preventing them from making that decision because of an AIR-specific display list issue seems excessive to me.


            How to tackle the issue of multiple windows (multiple stages) - make the stage quality setting in AIR global. In other words, changing the stage quality setting in one window will change the stage quality in all open windows, new windows can simply inherit the global stage quality value when they are created.


            Honestly, I would be more than happy if the next release of AIR introduced nothing more than the ability to set the stage quality to "low" and "medium".

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              Jeff Swartz Level 3

              Thanks for providing the details. We have added this request to our internal feature database, for consideration in a future release of Adobe AIR.

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                Are there any updates or new developments on this? I would love the ability to set my stage quality to low in AIR, and I think alot of others may be wanting it now as well.


                I am working on a drawing program, and the easist way to draw non anti aliased brushes onto a bitmap is by allowing the user to sett the quality to low or high. I notice that AIR has a performance increase, and with Papervision and other 3D libraries putting the stage quality down would improve performance even more.


                Perhaps it is easier to implement it so that only single window AIR apps can have the stage quality set to low?

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                  si-robertson Level 1

                  I will cry like a big girly baby if the stage quality can't be set in AIR 2.0 - from the point of view of a lot of developers this isn't a feature request, it is a major bug.

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                    Muhammad Taqi Kirmani Level 1

                    I wudnt believe if Adobe has not resolved in the latest version. Any words from Adobe?