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    My camera doesn't appear in "Get Photos from" box


      My camera quit showing up in the "Get Photos from:" box. Any ideas how to fix this? I have to  boot up PhotoShop Album Starter. Then the Downloader icon appears in the task bar. I click on Launch from there, or select Get Photos from the Tool bar, but my camera doesn't show up in the options anymore. Any ideas?




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          Ankur Agrawal Level 2

          Did you try clicking the duplicate file button present in the downloader. If No, then click it you'll find your pics. Duplicate file button is present on top bar of downloader. It's the fourth button in front of 'Show' text. Downloader (APD) does not show the files that have already been imported in Photoshop Album Starter Edition.


          You can find your pics if you launch Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition from your program menus.


          Please let me know if it is helpful.