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    HTTPService as URLStream


      Hello to all,

      I'm connecting a flex application via xml to a php server.

      Because of the  response can spent a lot of time ...as 1:00 minute per consult, I would like to show a progress bar while the application is receiving data.


      It´s not possible with httpservice, that only throw the result event when the complete information is received.


      I´ve tried with urlstream class that have the progress event...but it  only work with a static file to download...

      It doesn´t work like a service with a buffer that is progressively being filled by the php server.



      I´ll apreciate your suggestion, Thanks.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          You could popup a progressbar when the request is made, and then close the progressbar in the result handler.

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            Irulan82 Level 1

            Thanks Greg,


            It can be a solution,  a  progressbar  going to to the beggining and to the end until the result is completed, but I´m afraid the user can feel the same as  "show busy cursor = true "  while he is waiting. So he can think the aplication is hung up.


            Because I can´t know how long it takes, I can´t  determinate the percent received information of  the completed response.


            Is for that  I thought in a label number being increase with the bytes received would  be a real representation of the actual progress.




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              Amul Adagale



              Even I am facing a similar issue where I would like to show a progressbar which displays the actual progress of an httpservice and not just a busy cursor.  I have tried adding an event listener to the httpservice 'progress event' but it doesnt seem to be called at all. Could anyone please give any pointers to this ?


              Thanks in Advance