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    Open Captivate from RH7

    three_penguins Level 1
      In Tech Comm Suite I used to be able to right-click a Captivate movie with RH7 and choose edit and it would open right up in Captivate. Now I've moved the Captivate .cp source files to a different folder. When I try to edit in RH7 it tells me the file does not exist in the old location. That's true, of course - I moved it. How can I tell RH7 where to look for the file?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Esch

          I think if you are going to choose to deviate from where the files are created when working this way, the onus is now on you to open Captivate independently of RoboHelp and navigate to your choice of folders.

          Just as an FYI, while it's possible to work in this manner, I don't recommend it or practice it personally. What I mean is that I never launch Captivate from inside RoboHelp. You will find that many of the Captivate features (such as choosing where to store the file) aren't available when you launch it from RoboHelp.

          I always treat Captivate as a separate application. Work with my Captivate output independently and publish it. Then close the project in Captivate and insert it into RoboHelp.

          Cheers... Rick
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            JainVivek Level 1
            RoboHelp needs to know where your Captivate source files are. When you added a Captivate demo in RoboHelp, the demo contained meta data about Captivate source files and location. Even though you have moved the source files, RoboHelp is still searching for source files at the same location.

            If you publish your Captivate demo again (from the new location) and add the demo in RoboHelp, you can again use this functionality.
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              three_penguins Level 1
              I see. So it sounds like the meta data is not in a text file that can be edited to change the path like an .htm or .apj file. Perhaps it is stored in the .swf itself? Yours is a good solution though, thank you JainVivek.