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    Problem with Adobe Reader 9 and HTML Help, IE 7 and Firefox


      Hello everyone


      I have some Problems with the Adobe Reader 9.1.0 and different browsers.

      If I want to open a PDF document in one of these browser the browser-window freezes for 30 seconds and the document is built-on line by line.

      The Trouble is that if the document is comlete loaded an i want to scroll down, the windows freezes again and the document starts again with built-on...


      I have tried to open the documents with Reader 8.1.3 and this works fine, but i need to open the documents with Reader 9.1.0 because this is a customer preference to open the document with the newer version!


      Sorry for my english but i hope my problem is understandable :-)


      Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


      kind regards