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    Embedding drop-down and expanding text in snippets

      We are using RoboHelp for HTML version 7.00.145 to develop a massive on-line Help library. Many of the topics we cover contain repetitions of certain definitions, and we want to use snippets where possible so that we can ensure consistency and make it easy to modify the definition text.

      Our customer is interested in having us use expanding text and drop-down text in these repeating definitions; thus, we are trying to create snippets that have the text and hotspots already embedded. We are not having much success in making this happen; we suspect that RH does not support this, and are searching for a workaraound for this limitation.

      So my question - Does RH support embedding expanding a drop-down text in snippets as a regular function? - has two parts:

      1) If it does, what is the correct sequence for making it happen?

      2) If it doesn't, is there a workaround that might serve the same purpose?