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    Best method for cataloguing DV Tapes


      I'm currently capturing all of my DV tapes (approx 100) on to an external HDD and was just wondering if there are any standard methods for cataloguing them i.e. file structure so that clips are easily located for editing later.

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS4 to catpture each tape however I may be using either Premier Pro CS4 or Premiere Elements 7 for editing the footage later.  I know Premiere Elements 7 comes with a tagging feature and I was going to use this feature to "Tag" all of the clips with relevant information about what the clip contained. i.e. Weddings, Kids, Family, Holidays, Birthdays, Christmas, Sports, Skiing, Volley Ball etc so that I'd be able to use PRE7 to drill down all of my clips that match certain criteria i.e. Sports, Volley Ball would only sow me all of the clips with Sport and Violley Ball in and not any other sport. However I am unsure if this would help me in CS4?

      I'm basically capturing each tape to it's own directory using "Scene Detect".  Each directory is called Tape 000X - yyyy_mm_dd to yyyy_mm_dd - "Brief desription of footage" and by using "Scene Detect" the directory contains a number of clips from that tape split into scenes.  Each clip is named "Tape 000X Clip 0X etc.

      Is this an OK method for cateloguing or should I be using the feature in PRE7 to Tag all of the clips ..... or ...... is there a standard to follow that aids the locating of video assets for editing in any application.


      Many Thanks.