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    Mpeg Advance xtra losing video links or not displaying them


      I have used Mpeg Advance xtra many times, but recently I have got some problems with it. In one project the xtra keeps losing the video links. The video sprite is on the stage correctly, but it doesn't display any video. When I doubleclick it, I get the Mpeg Advance xtra info window, and the video link is displayed correctly and everything seems fine, but the video just isn't displayed on the stage. When I browse for the file again in the properties window, then the video will show up on the stage correctly... until I restart Director. I have tried to import all the videos again, but it doesn't help. Any ideas what might cause this problem?

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          On occasion I’ve had MPEG Advance get flaky and be unable to find videos even when the path is correct. It never happens when the path is assigned by lingo, only sometimes with the path set in the xtra dialog. Rather than fight with it I usually just add the video folder to the search path in a startMovie handler (in my case the video folder is up one level from the movie and I'm not worried about mac compatibility):


          on startMovie

              _player.searchPathList.append(_movie.path & "..\video\")