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    CPS 1.11 Updater - Does anyone have it saved?




      It appears that Adobe has lost the 1.11 updater when they acquired Macromedia. The only updater file available on their website is 1.1. Because they appear to have lost it, they're trying to remove references to 1.11 from their site too.


      In any case, if anyone has the updater saved from before, could you please share it. It would be very helpful. We do have 1.11 running on our server, but need to move it to another machine. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the updater when I originally downloaded it a couple of years ago.


      By the way, the way you know you have the latest updater, is that your Admin Interface will say "Contribute Publishing Server" vs. "Contribute Publishing Services". The currently available updater 1.1 still says "Services".


      Also, the 1.1 version still has security issues as per the following links that were addressed in 1.11:




      By the way, here are references to 1.11 on Adobe's website:





      Thank you!