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    Adobe Reader 9 freezes up my pc on 'close'


      I have been having problems in closing down the internet by using the 'X' in the top right hand corner of the screen. It would start to close, then I'd get a pop-up message stating something like"Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close," with an option below to report the fault or not report it. Whichever option I chose, once I'd clicked on it, my pc would then freeze up. Then I could not do anything; I couldn't access the Start-Turn Off Computer option as everything was frozen and the only way out was to hold the on/off switch on the hard drive in for a few seconds to make the system cut out. I could then switch it back on and start again, but the same thing would happen again as soon as I clicked on 'X' in the top-right. IE6, IE7 and Firefox made no difference; they all jammed up when closing. I tried several remedies over many hours, none of which worked until I uninstalled Adobe Reader 9 which I had only recently set up and the problem disappeared.


      Now I've got rid of the problem but I can't read anything in Adobe because I don't have it and I dare not risk installing it again. Does anyone know what has happened here? If it means anything I have Windows XP Home edition and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.

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          skinnygit Level 1

          Thanks for your help everyone. All your replies were much appreciated, however I have now solved this myself. If you want to know how then that's my little secret although what I DO know is that Adobe Reader 9.1 really is the worst Adobe yet and I've had enough Adobe problems ever since I've had my pc, I can tell you. It's just a shame that the people who are employed to dream up these scams that will work for some but not all can't go and work in Macdonalds or somewhere, or if counting money is too difficult then maybe outside Macdonalds picking up the litter, and leave the more technical work to those competent enough to do it.


          Thanks for another problem, Adobe. Sorry to disappoint you but I've managed to solve it although I'm sure your geeks are thinking of something right now that will be even more difficult to correct.


          I've given my opinion of Adobe Reader 9.1 on Cnet. One star out of five because it wouldn't allow me to put zero.