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    From USB to IEEE-1394: question about HD capture, editing, sharing.


      I’m new to editing video but have a question about capturing video into Premiere Elements 7. I have been using a Canon HF11 which shoots only in HD and only has USB output to copy video to my desktop. I don’t have a Blu-ray burner yet but I have burned a few projects to DVD, shared video on YouTube, and saved files in .avi and .mpeg to view on computer screens. But obviously I’m missing out on sharing HD on disk at this time. I just bought a Canon XH A1s which shoots both HD and SD on miniDV tapes. And uses IEEE-1394 cable for capturing (to Pre7). I did a 3 minute test project in SD and burned it on a DVD disk. I was very pleased at the results and the ease of editing. I don’t have any HD tapes yet, but when I do what differences will I experience from shooting in HD and then capturing, editing, then to sharing? My current HD processes with the HF11 is slow, occasional low-resources warnings, and less then pleasing results on DVD disks. Thanks for any and all comments and/or suggestions.