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    Catalyst and HTML/CSS Round Trip with Flash?


      Question one:  I was wondering if Catalyst will be able to assist in importing into Flash an existing (or under development) HTML page which contains flash apps --to make technical changes such as insert more multimedia?  audio, swf, jpgs, etc?


      I have a nearly completed html/css page that contains Flash etc.,  but I'd like to add a new swf at the beginning of the page and edit it in Flash to be sympatico with the overall style established in Dreamweaver.  I am using CS4 Premium Creative Suite.


      I know how to bring Flash files into Dreamweaver but a round trip would be so great!  Can Catalyst do it? or what do you recommend?

      Question two: I am hoping to give Catalyst Beta a try where do I sign in for it?


      Joy Foraker

      I Web Woman