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    Digital Editions 1.7.1 Upgrade Now Live

    Ric Wright

      On April 9th, Adobe released version 1.7.1 of Digital Editions.  The primary feature of that release was that it removed the ability for Content Server 3 customers to fulfill content to Digital Editions.  However, unlike in previous releases, we did not prompt existing Digital Editions users of version 1.7 to upgrade to version 1.7.1. This is because a bug was discovered in version 1.7.  Not in 1.7.1, but in the existing version of DE 1.7 that was already out in the field.


              The bug in version 1.7 is that if a user declines to upgrade to version 1.7.1, all content fulfillment, whether from Content Server 3 or Content Server 4, fails (and no error message is displayed). The solution to this bug is that all users should accept the prompted upgrade to version 1.7.1.  Please note that if a user declines the upgrade, Digital Editions continues to work correctly and users can continue to read their books, it is only new fulfillment that fails.   As with previous releases, the upgrade prompt for version 1.7 on May 4th will be optional, but due to this bug, we strongly recommend that users accept the upgrade to version 1.7.1.  This upgrade fixes the fulfillment bug immediately and completely.


      Adobe regrets any inconvenience this may cause users.