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    mailto function

    GumpsterF Level 1

      I have two problems that I cannot seem to find an answer for in any literature here or elsewhere. Hopefully someone can help me out.


      1. I have created a message in the mail to function using the "&body=" command. I cannot seem to code a line break into any text string I create. I have tried html and URL-coding. It all just gets printed in the email message or it errors out when running the movie.



      2. I am trying to embed a URL link in my email message created by the mailto function. Again it either errors or prints in the message. I Want it to print inthe message, but I want to make it a underlined clickable link.


      I have attached my code...



      send_mail.onRelease = function() {
           var address = friend_address.text;
           var body = "Hello " + friend_name.text +", " + your_name.text + " here.";
           var link = "<a href=http://www.google.com/ target=_blank >Google Home</a>";
      getURL("mailto:"+address+"?subject=" +
      escape("Hello ")+ friend_name.text + "&body=" + body  +
      escape("How are you? I found this really great hearing test from Soinso on the this website.) + link);