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    Fonts in Adobe Air


      Hello Everyone!

      I'm quite new with AIR but i already got some problem with it. Fonts in AIR are very bad for me, almost unreadable like on 1st graphic. Second graphic is how it look in Firefox. On [code 1] you can see my CSS (yes i'm AJAX/HTML AIR user). Anyone know how i can resolve that? I really like AIR idea but this font thing won't allow me to do anything with text :/


      code 1


      color: #FFFFFF;
      background: #000000;
      font-family: Verdana;
      font-size: 12px;



      graphic 1


      graphic 2


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          jbenson@oper8 Level 2

          In Firefox fonts below around 16 pixels and smaller are not anti-aliased.  I'm not 100% sure but in AIR I suspect anti-alias settings are inherited from the machine.  The difference between the two is the anti-aliasing.  (You can see the same issue when comparing most webkit based browsers or IE to firefox although it's not always so apparent.)


          Unfortunately I'm not sure that's something that your app can control. (If I'm wrong please someone let me know, would be great to know!)


          However you might want to file it with Adobe as a feature request here:



          Good Luck!