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    How to find the actual x,y and width,height

    RossRitchey Level 4

      I have a PlotChart component on the stage, set to be 20px from the left, right, top and bottom at all times.


      I have placed an AreaSeries on this chart, based on points that are dynamically generated from a form.


      How can I find the actual position and size of the AreaSeries?


      Perhaps a better question is.  How do I zoom in on the AreaSeries?


      Here is the PlotChart code.


      <mx:PlotChart id="chart" dataProvider="{savi}" showDataTips="true" visible="false" left="20" right="20" top="20" bottom="20" dataTipFunction="dtFunc">


                  <mx:LinearAxis id="vaxis" baseAtZero="false" title="X" minimum="-40" maximum="40" interval="1"/>




                  <mx:LinearAxis id="haxis" baseAtZero="false" title="Y" minimum="-40" maximum="40" interval="1"/>




                  <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{haxis}" canDropLabels="true"/>




              <mx:SolidColor color="0xFFFFFF" alpha="1"/>









                 <mx:AreaSeries xField="MX" yField="MY" sortOnXField="false" areaFill="{CF}" alpha="0" id="AS"/>