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    C/P Titles are linked so that any change to one changes all of them.


      Ok, so I create a title.  Say the text is "directed by Xen", and I animate it to slide in from the left and slide out to the right with a series of keyframes.


      I get it all working, but I have a dozen or so more titles to create... stuff like edited by, produced by, soundfx by... and I want them all to have the same animation and font and text style.


      So, I copy the first title and paste it about 6 times along the timeline.  But, as I edit the text in each title, it changes ALL of the text in every title.  If I change title 2 to say "Edited by Xen", the first title's text is similarly changed.  Same if I edit the third, fourth, or sixth.


      They are all linked for some reason, so that any changes to one of them change ALL of the titles.


      I know I can create a new title and just paste attributes onto it, but it would be nice to be able to just copy and past the title and modify the text.  If I just paste the attributes, I have to go in an manually edit the font and text size, and color... etc etc every time, and it gets tedious.


      Any way to just copy and paste the whole title without it linking itself to every other copy?