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    Toggle a boolean

    brian914 Level 1

      I would like to toggle my boolean value when I click my button.

      My boolean var looks like this:

      var playAllOn:Boolean = false;


      Then I have a button that calls a function to set the playAllOn to the boolean value it currently is not.


      So, if for example if playAllOn is false, I would like to call:


      and vice versa.


      My button code:

      myToggleBtn.onRelease = function():Void {


           setPlayAllBtn(//boolean value);



      I know I could do this with an ifStatement in the myToggleBtn.onRelease, but am wondering if there is a better more efficient way to write this. Something like setPlayAllBtn(!= playAllOn); <!-- Obviously that one does not work...


      Thanks a lot for any help with this!