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    Custom Chrome Woes...


      I'm new to AIR, so maybe I'm missing something here. It seems so simple with all the tutorials out there, but I just can't get this to work. I have a transparent PNG with a wine bottle in the middle. I am trying to make this the chrome for my AIR app using Flex Builder 3.


      I edited my -app.xml file to have <systemChrome> as none and <transparent> as true. My <mx:WindowedApplication> tag has the attribute showFlexChrome="false".


      Then, as follows:




      <mx:Canvas top="0" bottom="0" left="0" right="0" styleName="customChrome" />


      The resulting window has my image in the middle, but still the standard OSX chrome and with no transparency. I've also tried copying the code from pretty much every example that comes up on a Google search for "AIR Custom Chrome Flex Builder." Even making a brand new project and just changing the -app.xml file doesn't work like it does in the tutorials.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!