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    Keying Problem, Keylight (Straight/Premultiply Alpha)




      I have the following problem:


      I used the Keylight-Keyer on my bluescreen-material. In the options, "Unpremultiply Result" is checked. Everything looks fine.

      When I export the Clip and import it in Flash, the .flv doesn't look like the clip in AE. (in fact, i think it already looks different right after exporting it from AE). There seems to be a halo around the actor, a gray edge.It looks exactly the same as when i turn "Unpremultiply Result" off in the keylight options.


      Somebody pointed out that it propably has something to do with straight or premultiplied alpha.


      Can somebody help me with this problem?


      Attached are 2 screenshots, one taken out of AE (with white background-layer), the other one in Flash.


      Thank you!