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    Slide down menu not sliding up


      I created a slide down menu and for the most part it works when you click on each link, but for some reason, it hangs if you have one link expanded and you click on another link:




      I used an old .fla file and it worked fine but when I added an extra category to it, the menu went all crazy. I'm not sure how to fix it. Help!


      I have buttons set up which call on frame names:


      on (release) {
          if (_global.state == "e") {
              if (_global.state == "f") {
          if (_global.state == "a") {
          _global.state = "c";

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          It's pretty difficult to tell what might be wrong without seeing the actual file. From your example, I'm guessing that each item in the menu is animated in its own layer, and that you have sections of the timeline that will animate each item open. You are telling one item to animate closed and then telling another item to animate open. The problem could be with the parent child relationships, or with the naming of the movieClips, or something else entirely.