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    Odd FlexBuilder compile error


      I've been using FB (3.0.2) on a Win XP machine for about 2 weeks now.  When I left it Friday night, everything was working.  I came in Monday morning, updated to the latest version of Flash (10 point something).  I then get all kinds of 'Exception Processing Message c0000013' system popup errors, etc. attempting to run FB.  So I uninstall the Flash player (using the official uninstaller) and uninstall FB (using Add / Remove Programs), reinstall both (in various different orders), reboot.


      Now, when I attempt to compile a project in FB - in either Run, Debug, or Profile mode - a black Windows cmd window appears with the following text:



      Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

      (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3>



      And that's it.  It just sits there, nothing else.  I remember this cmd box flashing before, but now this is where it stops.  New projects, old projects, doesn't make a difference, same situation.  I've unistalled, reinstalled, even gone back to a previous Thursday Windows Restore Point.  Nothing changes, nothing compiles.  The cmd window pops open and sits there, doing nothing.


      Very odd.  No real idea how to debug from this point.


      Done a virus scan.  Solved Exception Processing error.  Searched in these forums but did not find anything similar to my problem under the search terms I used.  Have attempted 'Clean...' projects.  In terms of Flash player versions, I've installed the Flash players that come with FB, installed debug versions of 9 and 10, and installed non-debug versions of 9 and 10, directly from Adobe's website.  No change.

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          Doing complete uninstall / reinstalls I continue to get 'Exception Processing Message c0000013' errors.  I'd fixed that issue, but it drifts back, so it's definitely something related to Flex installation (though it only happened after the first time I installed Flex).  Searching under this error, I find a LOT of similar posts with this error code.  This is one buggy peice of software.