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    Determining File's DNG Version

    Greg Barnett Level 2

      I'm trying to determine whether or not certain files have been re-saved using the 1.2 spec or are still in an earlier version. The reason I'm interested is because of the image data validation hash and whether or not these older files have it.


      When using DNG validate in the verbose mode, I get the following dump (extract) from the file:




      Is it telling me the file is currently at 1.2 or that DNG validate is using 1.2?... I'm assuming the DNGBackwardVersion tag is telling me what it was first created as?


      Is there an easier way to figure this out? For instance, if in Lightroom (with write XMP turned on), does the file automatically get updated to the latest spec? If that was the case, I'd be able to identify them based on updated metadata changes.


      Thanks for any insights.