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    Acrobat Reader 7, 8 & 9 + Outlook 2003 = Freezing


      Hi guys,


      Here's my issue:


      A few of our users here use the "Attach to email..." option within Acrobat Reader after opening a PDF from an email within Outlook 2003 (why they refuse to just forward the damn e-mail, I do not know). Anyways, after typing into the e-mail, they hit "Send" and then both Outlook and Acrobat Reader freeze up. Now just to add to the fun, this happens intermittently. Sometimes twice a day, sometimes twenty.


      Things I've tried:

      - Reinstalling Acrobat Reader.

      - Installing versions 7, 8 and 9 (uninstalling the previous one first of course)

      - Reinstalling Outlook 2003.

      - Reinstalling the entire Office 2003 package.

      - Reconfiguring his Exchange settings (cached mode, etc)

      - Updating both Office 2003 and Adobe Reader (all versions)


      Does anyone have any ideas? I see a number of people with this problem, but no real fix apart from the whole "Don't use Acrobat Reader, hurr" response. We do not have this luxury.


      If an Adobe Rep sees this and can even give me an answer of "This is a current issue and it's being looked into.", that would be fine. I need to give these users something to get them off my back.



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          kashifMohd Level 2

          I'm using this functionality without any issues with Reader 8 and Outlook 2003. Is this specific to some OS version. Which OS are you using.

          Also what is the general configuration of machines you have in your organization (RAM, processor etc). My guess is something might me hogging your system resources leading to hang like situation.

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            Verse22 Level 1

            We use Windows XP Pro.

            The functionality typically seems fine, it's only happening after the user opens the PDF document from an e-mail, then uses the "Attach to E-mail" function.


            The majority of our machines run on the same config (2gb RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz, WinXPPro, Office 2003 Pro).


            The issue is intermittent, as it will happen from not at all, to 20 times a day. And the only machines it happens on are for the people who use the function that one particular way (instead of just forwarding the e-mail with the attachment already there - of which they continually refuse to do). Event Viewer also doesn't display any errors, as it all just hangs there.

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              Having this EXACT same issue with some of our guys here too. They also use the "Attach to Email" function, instead of forwarding e-mail and that's when it happens.


              Anyone have any ideas?


              We've tried reloading Outlook, reloading Adobe Reader (versions 7-9), recreating the users profile, etc (XP environment).


              The stupid thing is that Outlook and Adobe just hang, they don't crash, so there's no logs of anything going wrong. Rather frustrating...

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                SAME PROBLEM:  Has there been any resolution to this?  We are having the same problem using the Attach to Email function.  Same software configuration and practically the same hardware config as Verse22 above.  Also intermittent for us.  We are using Outlook cached exchange mode with some users on Exchange 2007 and some on Exchange 2003.  Nothing is disabled in Outlook.  We have cleaned the Windows secure temp (OLKxxx) folder and local user's Windows temp folder, created a new Outlook profile, repaired both Outlook and Adobe, upgraded Reader 8 to 8.1.4 (v. 9 not in use in our environment yet).  Saving the file locally and inserting it in the email works and so does forwarding the email.  This feature works fine in Word, Excel, and all other MS office products, just not Adobe Reader v. 8.  Any help would be appreciated from Adobe!  Thanks.

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                  I am having this same problem with users using Reader 9.2 or Acrobat Standerd 9.2. Possibly happens w/ earleir versions of Reader and Standard as well.


                  Has anyone at Adobe heard from Adobe regarding the status of this issue? Can we expect this to be resolved anytime soon? It seems fairly widespread, and I can't find an answer to resolve this issue anywhere.