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    Lens flare on transparent video


      In Premiere's help I see that this is supposed to work. It's not working for me. What's the trick?

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Yea it doesnt do anything.  I dont know if it is a bug or working as designed (since the flare needs contrast)


          But I suspect there are other ways to do what you want.  What are you trying to do, apply a flare to multiple layers?  If so:


          1. Razer the section of the timeline you want to flare
          2. select all the layers
          3. Right click on the selected section of layers and choose "Nest"
          4. All those layers are now one neat collasped clip
          5. Apply lens flare to the nested clip


          Note; your exapnded layers are not lost when you do this; they will be a seq in your project bin which can re-exapnd and edit if you want.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Here's another option:


            1. Download the free Knoll Unmult plugin right here; install into C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\CS4\MediaCore (Windows) or similar for Mac (not sure exactly what it is).
            2. In your project, create a black video synthetic clip and add it to your timeline above the clips where you want the flare to appear.
            3. Add the lens flare effect to the black clip; tweak and animate as needed. You'll have a lens flare on black, of course.
            4. Add the Unmult effect just after the lens flare. Immediately, the black background will be knocked out (UNMULTiplied) and the flare will be superimposed on the underlying clips.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thanks for that. I thought I knew a lot of the Red Giant products, but this is a new one. Sounds great and appreciate the steps listed. Got it, gonna' try it.


              Now, what do I do with a skinless cat?



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                ptelian Level 1

                Thanks for the response.


                The nesting is one way to do it. I knew about it...but thanks anyway!


                Thanks for the plugin link...maybe I'll give it a try.