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    What happened to multiple camera support in OnLocation CS4?

    rmshro0 Level 1

      Am I going crazy?  Didn't OnLocation CS4 support multiple cameras (changing between them with a drop down selection) after its first release?  But after one of those Adobe software upgrades it seems I need to close the app, turn off one camera, and start the application back up??


      When I originally purchased my CS4 collection of software and began to use it, I used OnLocation to record clips from two identical Canon HV30 cameras.  In the "monitor" portion of the screen there was a drop down box that allowed to select between the two cameras currently attached to the computer.


      However, after one of the several Adobe CS4 updates, this feature no longer seems to be included in the software.  There is no drop down box in the monitor window - instead it just says "Monitor: Canon Camcorder."


      When I start OnLocation just one of the cameras shows up - the other is not even given as the option.  If I start OnLocation with only the second camcorder turned on, the software does in fact use that camcorder - so both work correctly with the software it just is either not recognizing both at the same time (as it did before) or refuses to let me change between them.


      I can see both camcorders in the device manager.


      I am not even asking for simultaneous recording here...