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    Adobe Premire Elements 7.0 Error


      I haven't had many problems with Adobe Premire Elements 7.0, but now, after three days of work on a project that has actually turned out really well, it has turned against me. I can't export the video as a video file. I click File>Export>Movie and have enough memory for it. When I click save, it starts to export. It goes well for a while, saying it will only take ten minuites or so.But then it starts to slow down, and eventually reads that it will take an hour. >.<" So I wait patiently until eventually an error pops up after my hoes get higher when it starts to load faster. The error always pops up around when it's 10% complete. It says, "Error. Unknown error occured when compiling the video" or something. Ever since I got it, using the 'Share' tab has only resulted in the closing of the program, so I can't try that.Please help! I'm running it on a Windows XP.