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    Delete From data grid

    sathiyabala Level 1



           I have attached a mxml in a txt format. because i am unable to attach the mxml, pl copy this txt file into flex and run the application.


        1. Run the application.


        2. Enter values in the textbox and click add, values will be added to the datagrid.


        3. now click AND or OR and then change the values in the second and thrid combobox and again click add.


        4.Like wise change the combobox values and add five rows to the datagrid.


      5.now if u delete the last row u can see the curent last row in the combobox, so that the AND or Or can be added to it


      6. now if u delete a row in between, the deleted row's value oly maintains in the combobox,so i am unable to add AND or Or to the grid


        7.I need the last row data in the datagrid to be in the second and third combobox, which ever row is deleted.





      Can anyone help me....



      Thanks in advance.