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    Live Streaming Video

      I am working on developing a capability for two client programs to teleconference through a Flash Media Server.
      I need to be able to support high quality video, 640x480 at 30 fps. I began by following the tutorial in "Beginner's guide to streaming live video with Flash Media Server 3 by Tom Green. The website is
      [ http://www.adobe.com/devnet/fashmediaserver/articles/beginner_live_fms3.html ]
      I was able to use the Flash Media Encoder to save video to a file and play it back in Flash. I ran into some trouble when I attempted to stream live video following his example. I published from the publish settings dialog. This resulted in the html and swf files being created. I next opened the html file to attempt to view the video stream. The Flash Media Encoder is running and streaming video to the Flash Media Server. When I opened the html file I got a message box that says Adobe Flash Security. It said "Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation." It said the swf file is trying to communicate with localhost, an Internet-enabled location. There is a settings button that is supposed to let you allow the application to communicate with the Internet. When I clicked on it the settings manager did not open as expected but a dialog stating that an ActionScript error has occurred. It says Security Error #2028.
      What this ended up meaning was that I had to add the swf file to the trusted list in the settings manager.
      Because my browser was blocking popups I was unable to see the settings manager to be able to address the
      problem. I turned blocking off and was able to see the settings manager dialog. In the settings manager dialog I was
      able to add the swf as a trusted file. When I did this it immediately worked.

      There is a time lag in the client program though of about a second and a half. I don't have any ideas yet on why this is. Maybe this will go away when the encoder is removed. I need to be able to have the client programs connect and publish directly without having to run an encoder on each client site. Does anyone know if this will fix the lag problem or if there is something else I could do to fix it?