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    Can an external hard drive be used with two diff computers for same proj?




      Can a project be saved on an external hard drive and worked on from two different computers at different locations?


      If it is possible would someone please explain what if any special setup is required?


      Like can CS3 be installed the normal way or do any directories need to point to the external drive from both the computers?


      And if it is just a matter of saving the project do I need to do more then tell it to save and open from the external hard drive?


      Any detailed help with this would be greatly appreciated as I was not finding the answers I seek in the forums and I did not want to start any projects trying to use two different computers only to have an issue later on.


      Thank You in advance.

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          I use several Maxtor 2TB externals to edit to/from and move Projects between my laptop and my workstation. Never had an issue - yet.


          Consideration 1: connection speed. I use FW-800, IEEE-1394b. USB 2.0 was too slow for me to even think about editing to/from. FW-400 was better, but still slow. FW-800 was fine, and eSATA would be even better.


          Consideration 2: drive letter assignation. In the OS of EACH machine, assign the same drive letter to the external. As my workstation has many HDD's, I just started at Z:\ for my first external, and worked backward, so there is no conflict, when I'm on the workstation. I mark each external with a removable label, that indicates the Project and the drive letter. Do the drive letter assignation BEFORE you try to Open your Project. Disk Management is where you will do this. Once assigned properly in the OS of each, you will always have the same drive letter, every time you plug it in. Check this out, before you Open your Project. PrPro will not be able to find the Assets, if the drive letter does not match. Can be re-linked manually, (well, actually semi-manually), but will have to be re-done, when you move the external.


          Good luck, and please drop by with any more questions.