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    Adobe reader updater made HUGE internet bill!

    Ivica Skarec

      Hello, im writing this topic in the name of one of mine companys cotomers. The problem is next.

      In small company with 5 computers which normaly has maximun 10GBs of interneta data per month, this number jumped to 70gbs!.

      After cleaning and scanning computers with like millions of AV programs and couldnt find a reason for this(no viruses), we installed a network monitoring software.

      After a week one PC starting downloading Huge amounts of data 10 GBs in 2 hours, than we found out that Adobe reader is trying to download something.On  pc theres only adobe reader installed. So i wonder what went wrong with that updater? Mine costomer is angry at me, and it demands from ADOBE to pay for this internet bill which is unneccessary high!