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    Problem retrieving the font properties

    anantbhasu Level 1


      Am working on fireworks extensions.

      Currently am facing problem retrieving the font properties for TEXT. The properties namely bold and italics cannot be retireved through the attributes of the textruns.


      Am using the drop down box to set the Bold Italic. In my script am using the following statement:


      var _bold = fw.selection.textRuns.initialAttrs.bold;


      This returns false even after the values were set.


      Contrarily using the B ,I tabs in the properties panel, the above statement returns true.


      Am not sure if i need to use a different approach to retrieve the set values when am using the drop down box.

      Or is it that the drop down box does not set the textRuns attributes.


      Nutshell : For coding through the fireworks extension I cannot retrieve the bold and italic attributes if set through the drop box but am able to retrieve them when the B and I tabs in the properties panel are used to set these.Why?