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    Resize a Document for web Use

    Zidane9828 Level 1

      I looked online on how to reduce file size od an .fla file for use on the web but not very clear. I have an .FLA file that is 800X600 px.  when I publish it, I reduce file size, audio to mono etc, and I am getting 1.8mb file, way to large for web use. I tried an swf and flv file but same results. I need to reduce the entire document. I read to use the onion skin the highlight everything then resize but I have over 5,000 frames in my movie. Can someone explain in detail, how to highlight all of the frames in the movie, and then reduce the file to say 400 X 300 px? I am able to drag the onion skin but only to the edge of the viewable document then I must scroll over and repeat the process. there must be an easier way to highlight all frames in the movie then resize the whole thing. Any help would be appreciated.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you should consider more conventional ways to reduce your swf's size.  (and it is the swf that's 1.8 mb, correct?)


          first, what do you mean by "..i tried an swf and flv file"?  do you have video embedded in your current swf?  if there audio?  are there images in your swf?

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            Zidane9828 Level 1

            Let me be more conside. created a document at 800 X 600 px. There is audio and pictures. No embedded video. The flash presentation runs about 4 minutes. The .fla file is about 9mb. I am trying to get the file size down so I can put it on a website. When I convert it to a swf file the file size goes down but is still 1.8mb. Much too large for viewing on a site. How do you take the native size of the document as a whole, the 800 X 600 and reduce that size, thus reducing the final output on web?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              remove your images from your fla and load them when needed.  remove the audio from your fla and load it when needed.

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                Zidane9828 Level 1

                I do not think you understand the question. Here is an answer I got off another forum but do not quite understand how to implement.



                If you want to resize everything, a quicker way would be to select all frames (select the onion skin tool) and then resize everything to fit the new canvas size. That way, every frame of your animation will be reduced at once.





                   Does that make sense? How do you get the onion skin to select every frame in the animation?

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Resizing the Flash file isn't going to save you very much.  What usually drives the size of the file is the weight of the imported content it holds.  Most of the weight is usually due to images, sound, and video files.


                  You can resize/optimize your images before importing them to realize some savings.  Changing their size after their imported isn't going to reduce the file weight they add.


                  Another thing you might try, if you haven't done this yet... select Save and Compact the next time you save it.  This removes memories of the past that can add unnecessary weight to a file.