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    Exercise 9 Using remoting to send data to the server


      I'm on a Mac and want to go through this exercise but don't understand if it's even possible?


      After some searching I followed a recommendation to install the AIX version of Live Cycle Data Services which seemed to install fine. But, I think I may have bungled it as I'm not not sure what the servlet containers mentioned actually are…(or that I had them)?


      http://www.damnhandy.com/2007/08/15/how-to-install-live-cycle-data-services-es-on-mac-os-x /


      From my perspective I was hoping to find on my mac a directory structure close to the one shown for Windows and install the server.zip files there.


      I see that there are other posts from people in 'similar' positions but don't understand enough myself or see the files/solution suggested:





      I'm not a developer but am keen and would appreciate a nudge in the right direction -  even if the advice is move on to something else