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    PE7 Timeline and Share time problem


      I compiled a video that on the timeline shows as 9 minutes 42 seconds, but when I try to Share the compiler tells me is 14 minutes long (too long for You Tube).  Why is there a difference between these two?  If I look at the timeline carefully I can see a "ghost" that runs longer than the video and is about the same as what the compiler is telling me will be the uploaded time, but I cannot find anything that causes the extension and PE will not let me do anything with it  -- is this related to my problem.


      Then, when I split the video into two parts, with one being 7 minutes and the other about 3, the compiler does not recognized that I have shortened the video -- still shows the same (too long) time that I saw in the first attempt.  Any ideas why this happens?


      Any/all help appreciated.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Sounds like you have a stray video or audio frame out at 14 minutes... you may not be able to see it as it may be too short. Try hitting the Page Down key, this will move the Current Time Indicator (CTI) along to the timeline to the beginning and end of each clip. Does it jump out to 14 minutes... if so zoom in and see if you can see anything on any of the tracks at this position.


          Also, is the work area bar (WAB), the grey bar above the timeline, stretched out to 14mins, if there are no stray clips then maybe you have just dragged the WBA out to 14mins. If so just drag it back so that it just covers the video.

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            PhotoChallenged Level 1

            That got it Paul, thanks for your help.  Stray was way too small to see.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              After an editing session, before Export/Share, I always hit the "\" key (back slash) to zoom out the Timeline to fit the screen. This will show everything that is on the Timeline, including any "strays." These are fairly easy to get, due to what I think is a "quirk" in the way PE edits. It is not a Bug, but just a quirk. If you have Snap on, and move a Clip too "hard" against the preceeding Clip, say by one frame passed the Tail of that Clip, a frame (or two) will be lopped off and go to the end of the Timeline. This is not readily evident. Then, after editing and tightening up your Clips, these "strays" will be hung out at the end, and you will likely not see them, except by playing your Timeline completely, until it stops,  by hitting the "\" key or by hitting the End key and looking carefully.


              Good catch on Paul's part, and glad you got it sorted out,