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    RH8 New Topic: (1) Keywords (2) Language

    Philip Tory Level 1

      1: Language

      When I create a new topic, it asks me what Language I want. Again, the Help Guide isn't giving away secrets, stating "Specify a language for the new topic". Do I really have to select a language for every new topic? Isn't there a default? What happens if I leave it set to "None"?


      Implications anyone?


      2: Keywords

      When I create a new topic, there is a field for Keywords. The Help Guide doesn't say what this is for, other than "Add keywords to enable search on this topic". So I added some keywords. (It doesn't say whether they need to be separated by commas or anything).


      When I look at the Topic Properties, these keywords are not listed. When I build the layout and look at the Index tab, these keywords are not listed.


      Anyone know what they are for? They don't seem to do anything at all.


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          RoboWizard Level 4

          Hi Philip


          The Keywords field uses a space as a separator. These are used and play a role in the new Search Ranking feature. They have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the index.


          Can't say for sure on the language choice. I might assume whatever the default is for the project is used.


          Cheers... Rick



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            Philip Tory Level 1

            Thanks Rick. Why isn't this in the Help Guide?


            What they need is a Technical Author. They have left SO much out, and leave so many questions unanswered. How people are supposed to learn how to use it is beyond me. And I'm trying to update a training course to RH8...


            (And have you tried using the new Help Guide? I haven't found answers to about two thirds of the questions I have. Adobe: are you listening?)

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              Actually a lot of effort was put into improving the help over RH7 and I know the authoring team are continuing to improve it.


              First, I just brought up the online help, entered the term "keywords" and selected This Help System Only. What keywords do is decribed in the first topic listed.


              Second in dealing with another query I could not find anything about the separator. So I used the Comment feature in the online help indicating the help needs to specify what the separator is. That will get fed to the authoring team and they will correct it.


              There is PDF link on the help viewer. Updates to the help are continuous and the PDF gets updated periodically. Since the release of RH8, there have already been two updates to the PDF.


              So Adobe did listen to what was said about the help in RH7 and have made a lot of inroads into the deficiencies. That effort continues.




              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

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                Philip Tory Level 1

                Hello Peter,

                I know I can find some answers. But what's the answer to the "Language" problem above? I could not find it. The answers to this and the Keyword issue should be on the Help link for that screen: I should not need to spend five minutes trying to track it down in the Help Guide, and then another ten to twenty minutes on the community site. Authors should anticipate the questions that new (and especially non-technical) users might ask.

                It's difficult to think like a new user, especially if they're real technical experts themselves, or have been there a long time; they fall into the trap of assuming that the user knows nearly as much as they do: it's hard to "think outside the box". I can only report my experience so far, which is that I cannot find answers to more than half the issues I need help on; the titles that appear often bear no relation to what I am trying to do.


                But I'll certainly use the feedback feature - thanks for pointing it out.

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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional





                  The separator is a space.




                  Like Rick suggested, I believe it is only necessary to set a language if you want it to be different to the default for the project. Try setting one topic to another language and enter some text for that topic in that language. If it does not report as misspelled and does if you revert to None or another language, you will have your answer.




                  See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

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                    Anil Padia

                    Till RoboHelp 7, there used to be a single language for the project. That language was used to do spell check, thesaurus, smart indexing, full-text search indexing, and Output UI components. RoboHelp 8 supports language at three scopes or levels: Project, topic and paragraph. Output UI is still guided by the language set at Project scope.


                    For spell checking, thesaurus, smart indexing and full-text search indexing, language set at paragraph level has the highest precedence, then the language set at topic level and then the project level language. That means, if you have set project language as English (US), some particular topic language as French (France) and a particular paragraph’s language within that topic as German ( Germany), then that paragraph’s spell checking, thesaurus, smart indexing, and full-text search indexing shall be done using German (Germany) dictionary. For other paragraphs in that topic shall use French (France) and other topics in that project shall use English(US) dictionary. It is necessary to set the language of a project, but it is not necessary to set the language of a topic or a paragraph ( choosing ‘none’ option from the Language drop down ). If language is not set for a paragraph, it will use topic’s language and if language is not set for a topic, it will use project’s language. All the services mentioned above are not supported for all the languages supported by RoboHelp. Please look for ‘Authoring content in multiple languages’ section in the help documentation.


                    You can set paragraph’s language by right clicking on any paragraph in Design Editor, then choose ‘paragraph’ and set the language using ‘Language’  drop down.