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    Hide the mouse in some slides.


      Hello, folks!


      Here I am, again, with news about my trip with Captivate options. First of all, my chief agreed that the best way is to left the 'lesson' only with demonstrations of drawing, and after the lesson, put the student to practice with the software.

      For the ones that don´t understand what I´m talking about, read this.


      Now, I finished (well, editing/retouching phase) my first lesson, and have some issues to correct:


      • I recorded some assessment slides, to put the student to click in some options in the screen, and the mouse is appearing in all the time. There is some way to really hide the mouse, in the presentation? I don´t want that the mouse appear when the student is the one that have to click in some box, or type something... I just want that the mouse appear in the moments when I´m showing something in the screen... This is possible?
      • In some slides, my text caption boxes are 'fading" (become very opaque at the end of the timeline), while waits for the student to click in the clickbox? I don´t know what exactly is happening...


      Well, for now, is this. I will come with more, when I go to finish the lesson.