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    Additional saving options (save as)

    PS-D. Level 1

      Often I have to save some files in different formats. But they are not many enough or manageable for an Action.


      E.g. I have some PS files opened and want to save them as JPGs, TIFs and PSDs.


      I always have to change from PSD to JPG in the pulldown menu due to the point I need to save it as a copy because of the layers.


      My Idea would be customizable check-boxes which could be set for the formats i do use in most cases. There is enough space for those check-boxes and it would mean one click instead of a click to open the pull-down menu, then scrolling to one of a lot formats and then setting options like for example with or without layers or image quality.

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          PS-D you need to learn the enormous power of Photoshops Actions.

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            PS-D. Level 1

            For sure I have to. But I think you might not got the point or maybe I missed something.


            The problem is that I can't write a general action due to different file-paths and operations which can't be done by PS Actions.

            In this case it would take longer to prepare a batch process than to do it manually.




            Here is an detailed example:

            I have 3 or 4 files (16 bit) opened out of a folder with several files.

            It can't be defined in an PS Action which files are to be opened.


            First step is to reduce the depth to 8 bit

            (I use an Action with a defined shortcut to do this)


            Then I have to reduce Layers to defined layers. E.g. between 5 to 20 layers for a device, 2 to 5 layers for a shadow, etc.

            (It can't be defined as an Action).


            Next step is to save the opened files as JPG Format in a new folder and there in a sub-folder.

            It would take longer to define the document-path and prepare the structure and place of the files for a batch process than to do it manually.

            This is the major issue. I have to do the Save As operation manually.

            Therefore I have to hit the pull-down menu and choose a file format out of a bunch of formats which are redundant to me. I have to do it over and over again.

            I'd rather prefer to do it with one click. Maybe it would be useful too if PS keeps the last file-format saved.


            After that I have to remove a layer and circle through the opened documents to save it in another format.

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              Zeno Bokor Level 6

              for saving open files to jpg/tiff/psd you can use File->Scripts->Image Processor

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                PS-D. Level 1

                Thank You. I definitely overlooked this feature, sorry.


                Now an error occurred. I tried to set a shortcut to open the Image Processor and got the message "Error Code -34 -> line 33 -> $.localize = true;".



                What about saving the files as an EPS?

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                  Zeno Bokor Level 6

                  EPS is an old format kept in Photoshop only for backwards compatibility so don't expect many changes in that department

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                    Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

                    An Action can record the file type as well as the location. So it can output different format files, you can set up an action to save down as many versions as you want, with as many different resolutions or formats. Or indeed use Russell Brown's Image Processor


                    Now the file PATH is not so easy to automate. Without scripting, best practice is to use the same series of folders, and then sort out and rename using the Operating system, or Bridge.This approach is actually in practice very quick, a LOT quicker than trying to write a script to do this

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                      PS-D. Level 1

                      EPS is still a common file format. It does neither matter if clients wish to receive it nor if it's necessary to have a transparent background working with vector-based files.

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                        harry teasley Level 1

                        Or there could be an option for Save As to recall last Saved As folder and file type, per file, per session. I only ask for this every version of PS. Like I did again, a week or two ago...


                        Man, I really want it.

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                          PS-D. Level 1

                          After testing the advices, my request would be usefull.


                          I think it's not too much work to implement those customizable checkboxes in PS