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    policy file or params to allow getURL from sub-directories?




      I've been reading up on policy files and embed/object params to allow loading content from outside the current directory, but haven't found an answer yt.


      In our development environment, I work in a small team with a version control setup so we can all stay synced. Occasionally, a presentation outside the office needs to happen and a manager needs to copy over our main folder to his laptop and show it outside of the office. This often results in security bugs on his machine only, not easily testable on mine. Today it resulted in this code not working:

      //from within the top-level main SWF:



      not working. no error, no alert, nothing.


      after much hair-pulling, we found that copying it to an exact replica of the location on my machine solved the problem. (he must have gone through some security steps in the past to allow this directory access)


      we would like to solve this without instructing him to go through a series of Flash Player Settings menu-type steps each time. we can't predict where he will put this folder each time he gives a presentation.


      from within 'subContent.swf' we also need to use:


      getURL("../mainContent.html"); //wrapper for main SWF


      what is the best way to solve this so that the top-level folder can be placed in any directory on any machine and have it 'just work'? right now the main issue is loading sub-folder content only. but occasionally there is a link to another domain's URL.


      thanks for any help!