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    Reconstitute Table "Not Working"

    andrewmcgibbon Level 1
      I have inherited a site and am trying to reconstitute the png file used to create a javascript roll-over/drop-down menu to avoid re-doing the whole thing. I have pulled out everything from the document with the exception of the table for the content I want to bring into fireworks. You can see this here:


      When I import this, it seems to pile all the graphics on top of each other and I can't make heads or tales out of the file. Any suggestions on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Thanks so much.

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          pixlor Level 4
          You're trying to import an HTML file into Fireworks? I don't think it's really meant to do that. I played with your HTML and images a bit and even simplified to bare tables without interactivity, it doesn't work. I think that functionality of the program is for communicating with Dreamweaver. Fireworks is a graphics program, not an HTML editor, after all.

          I'm afraid you're going to have to start from scratch. But really, this is not so hard as it sounds. First make a screen capture of the file you're trying to import. That will give you something to line your images up to.
          - Crop the screen cap so you have only the menu.
          - Drag down horizontal guidelines. The easy way to know where to put them is to use the heights of your images. I've attached a simplified version of your table, you can read them from there.
          - Drag in your images, one at a time. Start with the images that do not have the underscore at the end. Line each image up where it needs to go. (The images with the underscores are your mouseOver states. By the way, you're missing the mouseOver states for JazzED News and Professional Development and you don't have the normal state image for Students & Teachers.)
          - Align each image with its position on the screen capture and guidelines.
          - For each image, name the layer and draw its slices using the horizontal guidelines and the vertical image edges. Name the slice to match the image name as well.

          At this point, you can either save the image and repeat the process with the mouseOver states in a separate image or you can work out button symbols for each button.

          Good luck!

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            pixlor Level 4
            Oh! Duh!

            It just hit me.

            The reason that all the images come in over the top of each other is that they are in the same table cell!

            In order for Fireworks to "reconstitute" this navigation menu as a table, it has to first be a table. You need to wrap each image in its own table row and table cell coding. Then it will work.