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    [JS, CS3] Please help--need to search text & then insert at find


      Hi all,


      I have a nifty script that I use to make stacked fractions by inserting an inline textframe.  It has a dialog which allows you to enter the numerator and denominator.


      Now I would like to modify this script to automatically search for fractions within text (for example, 5/16) and replace that fraction with my inserted textframe.


      The problem is I cannot figure out how to search for the word containing the slash character and then get the insertion point so I can add my textframe as an inline.  Once I find the word with the slash (the fraction), I think I can split the contents of the fraction at the slash to get the numerator & denominator.  Just cannot pop that textframe in there at that point and replace the word.


      Have I made this clear enough for anyone who might be able to help?




      Len Swierski