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    Cannot import Quicktimes into Premiere CS3

    Sharksaver Level 1

      I cannot import quicktime movies into my CS3 project.  When I export the movies from the Mac using varous settings using compressor or as a quicktime movie  I cannot import them into Premiere.

      I receive an error message file format not supported.  I can play them fine in quicktime.


      I have imported and edited sequences in FCP Studio from an XD CAm 1920X1080 in the field on my MacBook Pro and would like to import the movies into Adobe CS3- on another machine (PC Intel Duo, XP pro- running Adobe Premiere Pro CS3) to assemble a film with other footage taken with an SD camera.

      What would be the best settings to export the files so Premiere Pro can see them?  Avi doesnt work- they are pixelated when imported into adobe CS3.

      thank you