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    Error 2030: End of file was encountered  RTMP connection


      I have an application that connects to my server via AMF3. (I am using FluorineFX and I am using remote procedure calls).  The server is monitoring data and invoking client functions whenever that data changes. Sometimes this generates many updates for the server to send to the client. Everything seems to work fine for a while then the browser crashes. I have this same issue in IE and Firefox.  If I am running in debug mode it will throw the "End of file was encountered" error and then crash the browser.  This error seems to happen randomly but the frequency goes up when the server is sending out many updates.  I have not found any information on this and I feel like I'm missing something stupid.  The netconnection class is not throwing any error so there is no way for me to catch it.  Is there some kind of issue with invoking several client functions from the server at the same time?  I'm thinking I may need to group several updates and send them from the server in regular intervals as not to overload the client, but this also seems like a poor solution.


      Can anyone enlighten me?