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    FLV videos advance in some browsers, but won't in others

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      I have a .NET web app used to display a series of videos.  Which video to load next is controlled by Action Script 3 calling an aspx page to retrieve data from the database and return the info via XML which tells the action script which .flv video to load.  Everything works perfectly for a few people in IE7, but the next video isn't loaded for most.  The call to retrieve the xml seems to be working fine, at least on the intial video.  I am a .NET programmer who had to learn Action Script for this project, so needless to say I'm very new to Flash and Action Script.


      Has any one had a similar experience that could shed some light on what could possibly be going wrong? The browsers that I am testing with (the one that works and the one that doesn't) are both IE7 and both have Flash Player 10.  Any ideas what else I could check?  All help is appreciated!

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          Well, I found the answer to this.  It was obvious (after I found it, of course.)


          My actionscript was calling a .aspx page to return xml containing which file to load next and other info needed to manage the videos.  I had taken care to prevent the page that held the player from caching, but it hadn't occurred to me that the aspx page returning the xml was caching.  Well, it was and kept returning the same values and that is why the video would not progress to the next one.


          Anyway, to solve this I sent a random number in the querystring to make it unique and voila! it is working like it should.