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    RoboHelp for HTML V6

    SangyD Level 1
      I have created a help manual using RoboHelp for HTML V6. After i finished creating help manual
      I had generated word document from RH HTML v6. A word document was created for my boss to go through it using the Track changes feature of Word to edit the document. Now that he has done that i am not sure which route i should take to implement the changes.

      Is it just do all the changes in the RH HTML xpj project one by one by seeing the Word doc and don't worry about any complecations later.
      OR, making the changes in the Word document itself and then how would i bring it in my existing RH HTML project.

      Not sure what is the correct step to take? Did anybody have a experience with the similar type of situation?
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          Author care Level 2
          When I do this kind of thing, I edit in RH and only use the generated word doc as a ticklist to work through. Having said that you can copy the text of any changes into the RH doc.

          Once each change is completed add the word "Done" as a comment on the word doc and you'll then have a record that you've checked off each change as you've done it.

          Importing the word doc approach would in my opinion be a very bad idea and you'll generate a lot of work for yourself as you'll be dealing with more than just the changes that way.

          In general keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.
          Hope that helps..
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            SangyD Level 1
            Actually, i was also thinking to do the same and didn't want any unneccessary complicationa. Thanks for making my decision.